Dose3 needs ocaml >= 3.11.2 . On debian, dose3 does not compile on debian lenny.

Required libraries ( DEBIAN / RPM ) :

  • libextlib-ocaml-dev / ocaml-extlib-devel
  • libre-ocaml-dev / ??
  • camlp4

Additional libraries (enable compilation with --with-) :

  • libpostgresql-ocaml-dev / ocaml-postgresql-devel
  • libsqlite3-ocaml-dev / ocaml-sqlite-devel
  • libzip-ocaml-dev / ?
  • libbz2-ocaml-dev and libbz2-dev / ?
  • libjson-static-camlp4-dev / ?
  • libocamlgraph-ocaml-dev / ?
  • libounit-ocaml-dev / ocaml-ounit-devel
  • librpm-dev / librpm-devel
  • libexpat-ocaml-dev (for --with-xml)
  • libbenchmark-ocaml-dev (for --with-benchmark)

To use rpm support, dose3 needs librpm > 4.6 To use ocamlgraph support, dose3 needs libocamlgraph-ocaml-dev >= 1.8.4


To compile dose without any additional libraries : $aclocal -I m4 $autoconf $./configure $make

the configure script accepts many optional arguments to enable different features :

  • --with-rpm4
  • --with-rpm5
  • --with-xml
  • --with-ocamlgraph
  • --with-parmap
  • --with-zip
  • --with-bz2
  • --with-oUnit
  • --with-curl

libcudf is included in the source tree of dose3 available by git but not in the dose3 release tarball. By default dose3 uses the system wide version of libcudf. To use the version of libcudf in the source tree you can specify --without-libcudf as configure option. If using an independently installed version of libcudf you'll need version >= 0.6.2.


./configure --with-ocamlgraph --with-zip --with-bz2

Building the documentation

"make doc" builds the documentation. For this it is necessary to have configured with option --with-ocamlgraph. You also need to have installed "graphviz".


$./configure --prefix=/path/to/
$make install

By default dose is installed in /usr/local/{lib,bin} . In this case root privileges might be needed to install the library. Dose also ships a META file compatible with ocamlfind.